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Ecole d'été sur la télévision à Minorque !

7th European Spring School on History of Science and Popularization
Science on Television

Maó (Menorca), 16-18 May 2013


Which roles do Television and Science play in our daily lives?
Do they shape our perceptions, values, concerns and expectations?
It is time to take a closer look at them…
The 7th European Spring School of History of Science and Popularization:
Science on Television brings together scholars and television professionals to analyze
television as a particular space where the complex relationship between
science and its publics unfolds. It is an invitation to explore and
experience television as a major constituent of the social and cultural
processes of production, circulation and appropriation of scientific,
medical and technological knowledge.

The Spring School is open for scholars, researchers, professionals and
students, and its main goal is to encourage debate and interaction among
all the participants.

In short, theory meets practice, and practice meets theory.

INFORMATION: Visit our website:

for detailed information on the programme, registration, discounts,
grants, and important upcoming deadlines!!!

February 28, 2013:      Deadline for grants application
March 15, 2013: Announcement of grants
March 29, 2013: Deadline for registration with discount
April 26, 2013:         Deadline for registration


Organizing committee:
Carlos Tabernero, Centre for the History of Science (CEHIC):
Oliver Hochadel, Institució Milà i Fontanals (CSIC):
Clara Florensa, Centre for the History of Science (CEHIC):
Josep M. Vidal, Institut Menorquí d’Estudis (IME):

Institut Menorquí d’Estudis. Camí des Castell, 28. 07702 Maó (Menorca, Spain)
+34 971351500

Societat Catalana d’Història de la Ciència i de la Tècnica
Institut d’Estudis Catalans
Carrer del Carme, 47. 08001 Barcelona (Spain)
+34 933248581

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