samedi 17 novembre 2007

Vient de paraître !

Voir l'article de C. Bertho Lavenir et Guy Latry

"Côte d'argent, côte d'Emeraude. Les zones balnéaires entre nom de marque et identité littéraire".
Abstract : " Between 1860 and 1910 railways stations, hotel and speculative buildings were developing at a rapid pace in some areas of the french coast. Following the model of the "côte d'Azur" these places were given new names such as "Côte d'Argent" (between Arcachon and Hossegor) or "Côte d'Emeraude" (around Dinard). These names were chosen exactly as brand names, with the methods of what was then called "la réclame" but serious writers or well known "hommes de lettres" were also involved in the process of building and spreading an attractive picture of these coasts in order to seduce tourists and insure the economical development of the places. This essay analyzes how such different peoples as poets, writers, sportsmen, businessmen, historians and political representatives were asked to cooperate, involving the national and local level, the legitimate culture and the commercial know-how, the old society of writers and historians and the new one of sportsmen and journalists, building by the way a new culture of advertisement".

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